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Stranger Things 4: What Aussie Psychic Debbie Malone Has In Common With Eleven

Episode Notes

Do you believe in the other realm? What about psychics? Are they even real? Well, Alexei and Gen wanted to know exactly that! 

In this week's episode they chat to psychic medium Debbie Malone who lets us in on her experience of the ‘upside down world,’ and also gives Alexei a very specific message from the other side. 

Plus, we take a look at what the frightening new series Stranger Things, season 4 - volume 1 has in store for us. 


Guest: Debbie Malone -

Hosts: Gen Fricker and Alexei Toliopoulos

Executive Producer: Pariya Taherzadeh

Producer: Abbey Lenton 

Editor/Mixer: Pariya Taherzadeh 

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